Win at Work

Helping healthcare leaders provide excellent care without
burnout, stress or dreading Mondays.

Hello friend, 

If you got into healthcare to save lives and make a difference but the rising stress of the industry has got you down, the Win at Work Newsletter and community may be a fit for you.  

I’ve been coaching leaders in healthcare (and we are all leaders by the way) for 20+ years, using a very out of the box approach. Every month, I share my experience, practical tools and tips to sustainably turn challenges like: dissatisfaction, conflicts, disengagement, burnout, and stress, into experiences that reconnect YOU, the provider, to your commitment and give you the freedom of choice. You see, I discovered an often overlooked piece of the puzzle that has kept hospitals cycling through the same problems over and over again, using the same strategies, and neglecting the role an individual’s beliefs and organization’s culture have on medical errors and disparity of care. 

I’ll share all the details in my new book, “D.N.A. The Cure for Medical Error and an Unhealthy Healthcare Industry” but until that’s released I’d love to connect with you through our Win at Work Community.  Don’t worry about getting bombarded with emails, you’ll only hear from me once, maybe twice a month, unless of course you reach out with specific questions or concerns. 

Community is so important. Creating cultures of solidarity to change the way we approach healthcare will take our individual and collective introspection. Let’s join together and build innovative, creative and empowering healthcare environments. I look forward to connecting with you!