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The primary role of a leader is to uphold the culture of an organization. Why? Because a company’s culture determines it’s results. Playing business as usual equals a revolving door for employees and only average results for an organization. At TRCG we breathe new life into the cultures of healthcare, higher education and government entities. We believe the human inside the suit, regardless of position or title, wants to win at work. TRCG grants that wish.

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At TRCG, we have mastered the art of replacing infectious thinking, the kind that creates finger pointing, apathy and passivity, and we replace it with personal accountability, the type that empowers and ignites the leader within. That type of accountability is the game changer. It’s the reason we specifically embed accountability into ALL our services..
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Wish you knew how to tap into that extra potential all employees have to perform?
The Russell Method™ Accountability Assessment has the answers you seek.
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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein