About US

Our mission is to disrupt the habit of sameness thinking that causes dissatisfaction, stress and burnout in the workforce so that the world’s workforce can finally look forward to Mondays.

We believe leadership should be as diverse as the people doing the leading. It’s our experience that “Putting on the suit” and leaving the real you at home, will never create the results or the experience needed to win at work. God made each of us different and we believe that is for good reason.

The Russell Consulting Group coaches Authentic leadership, with an approach to diversity that goes far beyond race, gender and creed and an approach to accountability that empowers rather than punishes. It’s our experience that empowered people are mighty people.


You've never experienced anything like the Russell Method Coaching process before.

-- Patricia Russell

Patricia Ann Russell

Founder, CEO, Voice for individual Empowerment
(Executive Coach, Seminar Leader, Instructional Designer)

Patricia Russell’s gift is bringing to light the unconscious behaviors that rob leaders of their power. Even though she was the first woman from the Bahamas to hold a chemical engineering degree, and the first African American to receive that degree from the University of Dayton, her clients are grateful she realized early on that using her engineering skills was not her true passion, talent or legacy.

Instead, the work was born from a deeply personal and transformational experience with Patricia’s own empowerment. It revealed a practical yet magical awareness of the thinking required to breakthrough constrictive ways of living and behaving. With a strong desire to share the innovative and insightful knowledge, Patricia took a leap of faith and formed The Russell Consulting Group in 1993. With a wry confident smile, clients often hear her say “Empowered People Are Mighty People.” That’s because that truth is what fuels Patricia’s devotion to creating vibrant work cultures in the healthcare and education industries.

Patricia is a premiere consultant in the areas of accountability, leadership coaching and development, cultural competence and mutual respect. She’s the Thelma to your Louise, the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker. She was a 1995 finalist for the nationally recognized Athena Award, which is presented to outstanding female entrepreneurs and also featured in Tom Peters’ “In Search of Excellence” Newsletter and the Rochester Business Journal.

When you love what you do like Patricia, you tend to be a bit of a workaholic. When she’s not transforming corporate cultures, or following some inspired thought on the subject, Patricia is traveling to see one of her 3 adult children, being active in nature or writing. Oh yea, she’s also a published author.

Sheri Lowry

Operations Wizard

Everyone on staff agrees that without Sheri’s skills for organizing a project from start to finish, they’d all have more grey hair and wrinkles. Her knack for all things technical, including effectively translating technical information to non-technical people and vice versa, is nothing short of magic. The 3 words that best describe her work? Efficient. Effective. Streamlined. Sheri’s been keeping The Russell Consulting Group running smoothly since 2019.
Sheri lives in Fort Worth Texas with her hubby and 3 canine kids.
p.s. She’d have more dogs if her husband would allow it.

Paul Stewart

Senior Researcher & Insight Deliverer

What this Canadian lacks in skating skills he makes up for with four, yes four undergraduate degrees! His commitment to gathering useful knowledge is what has made him a treasure to have on staff since 2013. When data is needed, Paul delivers. His brilliant questionnaire design, survey set-up, data processing, data analysis, report generation & data insights, is what keeps us ahead of the game. When Paul’s not working you may find him in the garden or strumming his guitar. If you’re lucky you may find him strumming his guitar in the garden. 😉

Carrie Naranjo

Director of Assessments & Surveys

The key to every successful culture transformation lies in the assessments. Carrie Naranjo provides our clients a seamless experience with the tools that deliver critical awareness about their leadership and work performance. Carrie was on the team that built and created The Russell Method Accountability Assessment and was a senior administrator at its inception. Carrie is trusted to take great care of our clients as well as to always bring a home-baked dessert to her book club gatherings in San Diego. If you’re in the area and like to read, you may be fortunate enough to try one of her tasty treats.

Heather Pittman

Executive Assistant

Heather Pitman masterfully manages the never-ending to-do list so the rest of the team can focus on making clients happy. Her graceful efficiency at managing tasks makes Heather feel more like a fairy godmother than an executive assistant. Perhaps it’s her 18+ years of experience in both administrative and project management roles that elicits such confidence, but it could also be the fact she’s the mother of 4 children. Regardless, her nurturing devotion to the details is what keeps The Russell Consulting Group running smoothly and our clients taken care of. At home in Ohio with her husband and kids, Heather loves finding and collecting signed books, learning new software programs, and getting crafty when she has the time.