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Are You Losing Your Best
Talent to a Culture of Silence?

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Consider the consequences of silence for both employee and employer in the examples below:

  • An act of cultural incompetence is witnessed but never discussed
  • An innovative idea that would save time and money lies dormant because “it’s outside of my job description”
  • A promotion is deserved but not asked for
"Self- Awareness is the first step towards a thriving culture."
As you can imagine, costly mistakes, ineffective systems, and a disengaged workforce, can have disastrous effects on an organization’s performance.  In the healthcare industry a culture of silence can be downright deadly. Read this article for a deeper look.  The Silent Treatment: Why Safety Tools and Checklists Aren’t Enough

Culture Quiz Questions

Instructions: When answering the questions focus only on your current company/organization. If you are not currently employed then focus on your most recent company/organization experience.

Culture Quiz
1. This organization fully utilizes its employees.
2. This organization values its employees.
3. Management provides me with opportunities for my professional growth.
4. Management makes it clear that it values empowerment.
5. Management makes it clear what empowerment is.
6. Management encourages delegation of authority with decision making as much as possible.
7. Status and position are valued more than performance in this organization.
8. Management is sensitive to the needs of employees.
9. Teamwork is rewarded in this organization.
10. In this organization, team achievement is equally as important as individual achievement.
11. This is an organization in which trust exists among co-workers.
12. In this organization, it is clear who makes final decisions.
13. Job assignments are based on who needs opportunities for growth and development.
14. In this organization, decisions are made, but are reversed or changed unprofessionally.
15. Non-confidential information is freely distributed in this organization.
16. The vision of this organization is clear.
17. Management provides me with job assignments that are challenging.
18. I am provided timely feedback on my job performance.
19. Management provides me with information needed to understand the big picture.
20. My performance evaluation comes from a combination of sources, not just from management.
21. Management delegates to me that which is equal to, or slightly beyond, my ability to perform.
22. The management of this organization inspires me by being an example of what is expected.
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