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Your organizational & internal culture is better than most but there’s still valuable resources being left on the table. Barrier(s), real or perceived, may be keeping you from feeling fully utilized and inspired. Discussions that could create movement and growth are put off or suppressed due to fear of rocking the boat, being judged or losing what’s been gained. Although your culture isn’t typically one of blame, a tendency to play it cool or be nice, rather than speak truthfully about your wants and needs, wastes time, energy and money.  Your individual and organizational goals are typically met but a general “same old thing” feeling has replaced the fire you remember feeling when you first joined the organization. 
Suggestion: You have a lot to offer and you have the opportunity to grow yourself as well as the organization by stretching into some new territory and speaking more authentically. Share new ways you’d like to be utilized in service to the organization. You will find your fuel when you tap into and follow the truth of your heart. Be willing to take some conversational risks for the opportunity to re-ignite your leadership fire for the company and your own empowerment. 
Congratulations!  Your organizational and internal culture empowers you to speak up and your input and ideas are perceived as valuable and respected. Even when it’s necessary to have an uncomfortable conversation, you trust that ultimately, speaking up is important to building a thriving culture. This trust helps you move through the discomfort of managing differences with more ease and less stress. Your culture values mutual respect and appreciates the diversity each individual contributor brings to the table, even without agreement.   Expectations are typically clear and performance is discussed regularly, in neutral, non judgmental ways. There’s an openness to new ideas and innovation. You most likely feel fully utilized and professionally challenged to be your best. Congratulations, you are winning at work.
Suggestion: Share a short story or reason that captures why your company is a great place to work. You may even get featured on our blog. We love celebrating individuals and organizations that work together to have a great company culture.
You want to contribute much more to your organization but there is some hesitation given your experience with, and perception of, the organizational culture. This “hesitant” mindset introduces an element of doubt, which often keeps you quiet and can undermine your success. You may have also inadvertently adopted ahead of time, the I’ll try” culture mindset which is an escape clause that sabotages one’s capacity to be fully accountable. It tends to give an individual permission to externalize blame or to be resolved with at least I did my best” when the results produced are not as expected. Since there is a certain degree of disengagement from the results, the need to speak up is brushed under the table. It will be important to address and resolve some of those issues to ensure your needs are met and you can experience success at work, as you define it.  The “I’ll try” mindset is most likely impacting the entire organizational result of “ownership” for results resulting in a disempowered culture. 
Suggestion: Before allowing your frustration and hesitation to rob you of your leadership and power, be sure you have a written definition of success for yourself and that you get the support you need from a trusted friend or coach to take action and resolve the underlying root cause of the issues. Your voice is your power. Pay attention to what you see and observe, and insert your point of view, and enthusiasm for progress when you see fit. Be prepared with specifics versus generalities and speak about them with confidence.
Your inner and organizational culture is one of resignation or settling on “how things are.” You could be struggling with reconciling patterns of behaviors you observe in the leaders and colleagues that are inconsistent with what you want to see or experience in a work environment. You don’t speak up because you tell yourself “it doesn’t matter”. Titles and positions seem to over-ride effort and know-how and the same individuals tend to pull the majority of the weight without the respect and recognition they deserve. This diminishes effort and consequently, the desire to perform. Micromanagement has taken the place of innovative thinking and authentic dialogue. People don’t feel connected to the company mission so they “check out” and disengage. Company values are either non-existent or rarely modeled, creating backbiting, gossip and distrust. Hardworking employees are most likely overworked, while the disengaged do the bare minimum until they find another job. You are likely at a crossroads of decision. Do I stay or leave? And if you choose to leave, the tendency will be to blame outside conditions for what is going on: “It is them, not me.” This culture is what people refer to as “toxic”. 
Suggestion: With a coach, determine what is important for you to experience in a work culture. In other words, create a definition of success for what an ideal environment looks like for you. Make sure it is something you can accept at least 85% personal responsibility and accountability for, and in your next interview when asked why you “quit”, use that definition as a reason versus blaming the organizational culture.