The Russell Method™
Accountability Assessment Roadmap

“What gets measured, gets done” is a commonly held belief that gets tossed around in many leadership circles, but most C level executives and organizational leaders have never measured the one thing they wish they had more of in their culture… accountability

Transforming a company’s culture depends on Accountability but too often, when employees experience a “toxic” culture they tend to hold someone else accountable for creating it. Holding a boss, coworker, or HR accountable for creating a thriving culture, while holding yourself exempt from it, is like expecting to play a game of football while sitting in the bleachers. It’s a losing battle for everyone involved.

With the demands of leadership higher than ever before and the complexities of doing business continuing to grow, organizations need a workforce that not only can adapt to and embrace change, but one that takes ownership for the results.

The assessment roadmap delivers concrete numbers for Accountability on both the individual and collective levels within an organization. This allows for more strategic decision making on initiatives associated with organizational Accountability, barriers to team collaboration, and most importantly, the employees perception of the organization’s culture. Better yet, these numbers finally make it possible to measure improvement. With the data gifted from the assessment, a clear road map to culture change is guaranteed.

Wish you knew how to tap into that extra potential all employees have to perform? The Russell Method™ Accountability Assessment Roadmap has the answers you seek.

1. Take the assessment.  2. Enjoy a 30 minute debrief.  3. Experience the magic.

The Russell Method Accountability Assessment Roadmap with debrief usually costs our clients $500 but we’re so confident you’ll be wowed by the experience, we are offering it FREE for limited time.

“When people have a paradigm shift, what used to look 
like a problem now looks like an opportunity.” 
– Patricia Ann Russell