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Transforming Your Company’s Culture

If your workplace culture is not where you want it to be, don’t worry – you can change it. Transforming a so-so company culture to an amazing company culture requires imprinting a new and different way of thinking about people and the environment within which they work.  

Once you make the shift, you can embed that thinking in your organizational culture.

Every organization wants it. Yet few achieve it. Why? 

Coaching different thinking to transform cultures is the cornerstone of what The Russell Consulting Group does. 

We have five fundamental beliefs upon which the consulting practice is built


People are more powerful than they give themselves credit for. Any interaction allows for self-discovery over providing an answer.


People are accountable and want to give their very best. Coach for solutions over focusing on problems.


Every person in an organization, whether a leader or individual contributor, is a leader. Leading can be assumed by anyone in the job they were hired to do. It is not based on privilege, position, or education.


Leadership is a state of mind. Not a set of behaviors to learn and master or a position to exercise the EGO’s power.


“Teaching a man to fish over giving them the fish” is the best approach to keeping the energy of the culture alive. Embed the knowledge and technology in the organization enabling their reliance on external resources.

Your Cultural Framework  

These fundamental beliefs form the basis of a framework, which has proven over time that a culture of partnership, transparency, ownership (individual & collective accountability), utilization of skills & talents, and mutually respectful relationships can be achieved and employee satisfaction. 

This framework enhances your (and your employee’s) work-life balance so that improved productivity can be sustained over the long term.

Our executive/leadership coaching program is developed around a single idea: know and master the Ego

It includes the traditional model and practices of organizational development which include two assessments, individual and leader coaching sessions, team building, and foundational and advanced training services. We train in three specific areas: 

  • leadership development, 
  • employee empowerment, and 
  • the shaping of the environment to meet human needs. 

What makes this cultural framework unique, however, is the incorporation of the psychology and dynamics of human interactions within an organization and the technology of discovering one’s Ego to access who you really are as a leader

We know that when that discovery happens, leadership elevates. Take the first step through the door to transform your culture and leadership and contact us. 

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