D.N.A. Authenticity

It’s the most scary but liberating experience I continue to have

When coaching healthcare leaders, the most frequent desire I hear is their wish to trust the people on their teams; for them to act with integrity and be accountable for their results. My “Yoda-like” response always makes them laugh and recoil at the same time. I say, “My friend, to fulfill that desire you must be ready to face yourself, your fears and be a model of your own request.”

Building Trust In A Diverse Environment

Leaders and individuals want more from work and life. They want to feel good and purposeful, like they are winning.  TRUST is the glue that makes winning possible. It’s the secret sauce to  experiencing a thriving company culture. It’s what fuels  personal accountability, connection, innovation, retention, and engagement.    Unfortunately, many organizations’s attempts at building …

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