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5 Things Great Leaders Do To Create Thriving Work Cultures

The idea that some people are natural-born leaders and some are not is entirely false. Leadership is a state of mind that can be adopted by anyone at will. If you’re looking to sharpen your leadership which will enable you  to transform the culture of your organization, here are five...

Performance Reviews – Do they Harm Or Heighten Employee Productivity?

Performance Reviews tend to have a bad reputation among both business leaders and their employees. All too often the mention of them creates stress for all involved; employees brace themselves to hear the worst and managers carry the burden of yet another required and often uncomfortable task on their to-do...

What Most Companies Overlook That Diminish Their DEI Efforts

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) has become quite a buzzword in the world and for good reason. It’s not only great for society but it’s great for business. Unfortunately, most companies that have increased diversity and inclusion efforts within their organizations aren’t seeing the “cultural” changes they had hoped for....

Morale:  The Inseparable Link Between Morals and a Thriving Work Culture

Without a heartfelt connection, even the most powerful workforce will eventually lose their spark. It’s no accident that the words morale and moral are so similar.  When it comes to creating a thriving work culture, they are inextricably linked. In other words, for a group of people to experience good morale,...

Both the CEO and the Janitor are Leaders And I’ll Prove It

Inside every block of marble is a David. Granted, Michelangelo chipped and chipped away to reveal the magnificent 17-foot statue, nonetheless, David was in there. The same idea holds true for individuals in organizations. We are all blocks of marble housing a leader (David) within. I am not speaking about...

Practicing Accountability Without Blame and Shame

Recently, Treasury Minister Lord Bates, a junior minister in the UK’s House of Lords, walked into chambers late and stunned his colleagues and the world by offering his resignation for his tardiness.  His actions generated reactions ranging from accusations of being too dramatic to be accountable. (Of course, Prime Minister May...

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