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The feeling of ‘inclusivity’ had very little to do with DEI

Do you want to be recognized as a great team leader, because of the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, or your gender? Or…. Do you want to be recognized as a great team leader who played a role in transforming the healthcare industry because you saw, honored and valued the unique differences each team member brought to the table? If you chose the second statement, this blog is for you!

The Gift of Frustration

We’ve all been frustrated at work. In fact, a 2022 Leadership IQ study found that over 60% of the nearly 3,000 workers polled were so frustrated that they were either quietly thinking about or outright quitting their jobs. You may or may not be at that point but if you’ve...

Break Through Your Work Barriers

Hello Friend! Today we’re giving you access to a proprietary tool that is an absolute favorite of our clients. The CEO’s and executives we work with say this tool not only helped them decrease conflict and achieve better results but it’s impact was so powerful that it changed them forever. ...

A Proactive vs Reactive Approach to Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict happens. In organizations made up of diverse humans it’s to be expected. However, companies are spending billions of dollars annually training their employees to “ manage” conflict when each employee could be learning how to recognize, deal with, and resolve conflict at its onset, instead. Employees (leaders and individual...

Building Trust In A Diverse Environment

Leaders and individuals want more from work and life. They want to feel good and purposeful, like they are winning.  TRUST is the glue that makes winning possible. It’s the secret sauce to  experiencing a thriving company culture. It’s what fuels  personal accountability, connection, innovation, retention, and engagement.    Unfortunately,...

Is Critical Thinking Becoming a Lost Art?

Critical thinking ranks among the highest desirable job skills that leaders and managers are seeking in potential employees.   Strangely enough, many leaders and employees alike have lost sight of the difference between problem-solving and critical thinking, and it’s hindering their ability to nurture this very important skill. In an age...

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